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Consumer protection

Find government information about consumer rights and protections.

ACCC Shopper

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Advice on your refund, warranty and lay-by rights while shopping. Tells you what to look for if you want to buy food that comes from a particular country.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Promotes competition and fair trade to benefit consumers, businesses, and the community and regulates national infrastructure services. They ensure that individuals and businesses comply with Australian competition, fair trading, and consumer protection laws.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Australian Consumer Law

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Provides an overview of the legislation and amendments, plus guides and fact sheets to explain the Australian Consumer Law in simple language. The law applies nationally, and to all Australian businesses.


Consumer authorities

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State and territory consumer authorities administer the Australian Consumer Law within their jurisdictions. Provides links to the state and territory consumer authorities.


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Free, simple guidance you can trust. Covers superannuation, banking, investing, borrowing and credit, insurance, budgeting, scams, retirement income planning and unclaimed money. Includes links to calculators and tools to help you with your personal finances.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

My Phone Rights

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Enables consumers and small businesses to quickly resolve problems with phone or internet services. Includes the ability to record and track complaints, common issues and how to resolve them and information about contracts, billing, global roaming and data charges.

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

Personal Property Securities Register

Lets you check that the used goods you are buying, like a car, boat or machinery – almost anything except real estate – doesn't have a security interest over it. Provides additional protection for businesses that lease or supply goods, in the event that a debtor defaults or goes bankrupt.

Australian Financial Security Authority

Product Safety Australia

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Provides information about mandatory safety standards, bans, safety warning notices, recalls and safe practices to minimise the risk of injuries. Sign up for email alerts on any of the site topics.


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Protect your financial identity

Provides information for both individuals and businesses about how to protect your financial identity in everyday life and minimise the damage if a problem occurs.

Australian Bankers' Association

Reporting fraud

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Australia has a number of different bodies to which suspected fraud can be reported. Find reporting options for various types of fraud.

Attorney-General's Department


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Provides information on how to recognise, avoid and report scams. If you've been scammed or think you have seen a scam, you can report it to SCAMwatch via the scam online form or by contacting the infocentre on 1300 795 995.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

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