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Australia and the Vietnam War

Provides resources on Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War. It was the longest twentieth century conflict in which Australians have participated, lasting from 1962 to 1972 and involved some 60,000 personnel.

Board of Studies NSW

Australia's involvement in the Korean War

Provides resources on Australia's involvement in the Korean War. Covers the major developments of the war, the war in the air and at sea, the role of Australian nurses and has special features such as animated maps of the key battles of the war (the Battle of Kapyong and the Battle of Han River).

Board of Studies NSW

Australia's War 1939-1945

Educational site containing text, documents, graphics, video and audio about Australians in World War 2. Includes battles and campaigns such as the fall of Singapore, Tobruk, Kokoda, POWs and the homefront.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Australian involvement in South-East Asian Conflicts

Covers the Malayan Emergency (1948–60) and the Indonesian Confrontation (1963–66) which represent significant turning points in both Australian military history and the history of Australia’s international relations.

Board of Studies NSW

Australians at War

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Through animated documentaries, video, audio and activities, it tells the story of some of the greatest events in our history, as seen through the eyes of the men and women who were there.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Australians on the Western Front 1914–1918

Take the remembrance trail through the battlefields in France and Belgium, including the Somme. Provides resources on Australia's participation on the Western Front.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Australia’s Trade through Time

An interactive timeline allows students, researchers and members of the general public to access tailored information about Australia’s trade history in a dynamic and engaging way.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Behind the News

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Behind the News has a wide range of Australian history stories that are the perfect way to launch a lesson on a wide range of topics. Simply search our website with your topic and press play. Popular topics include First Fleet, Australian Federation, Eureka Stockade and many war related topics.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Commemoration: Australia's Wartime Heritage

Provides a consolidated search across all Department of Veterans' Affairs educational websites and a list of the sites.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Gallipoli and the Anzacs

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Learn more about the Gallipoli campaign, visit Gallipoli and the Anzac Commemorative Site, and find research and educational resources for teachers and students.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Getting it Together: from colonies to Federation

A middle years resource where students use historical sources such as newspaper extracts, cartoons, speeches and biographies in a series of classroom activities.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

National Capital Authority Education Portal

Primary, secondary and other education kits to support studying the history of Canberra as Australia's national capital.

National Capital Authority

National History Challenge

Provides information for students and teachers on a special category in the National History Challenge sponsored by the Museum. Includes Challenge information from previous years since 2007.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

The 1975 Dismissal – Dismissed!

Discusses the events leading up to the Dismissal of the Labour government in 1975 and the subsequent victory of the Liberal-Country Party in the election of December 13 of that year.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

The Thai–Burma Railway and Hellfire Pass

Provides resources on the experience of over 22,000 Australians captured by the Japanese. Though not all worked on the Thai–Burma railway, Hellfire Pass now represents the wider POW experience.

Board of Studies NSW

Voyage to Van Diemen’s Land

Play the online interactive game based on real convict voyages. Players must make decisions, solve problems and deal with conflicts on a perilous journey across the globe.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Wars, conflicts and peace operations – teachers resources

Links to books and online resources published by the Department. Resources are designed for primary and secondary schools.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

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